Hannah Clarke

Hi there!

My name is Hannah Clarke, I am a third-year journalism student at RMIT University, currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

My dream to pursuer a career in journalism has been long-lived since I was a teenager. I love to write, chat, discuss, and create anything to do with fashion, beauty, life, food, current affairs and popular culture. Throughout my course, I have learnt to throw myself into all media platforms, whether television, or radio, my preferred form is print. I have a focus on print and online journalism, writing about fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends, ideas and opinions in the world.

Over the time of my studies, I have come to grasp the skills of seeking my own talents, radio CAFF packages, photographing individuals, interviewing my own witnesses, VOX pops, producing my own articles and creating my own stories.

Thanks to RMIT and through my degree, I have conducted a number of internships at various organisations to help me put this learning to practice.

I started journalism interning in 2015, just a year out of high school while studying a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.  My first internship went for a duration of four months with Apartment Developments. Working under Jordan Taylor-Bartels, the Editor-In-Chief, two days a week, I was considered an avid listener and collaborator. Here, I met the team’s demands and deadlines, formulating editorial schedules, researching potential articles, interviewing prominent industry leaders, as well as actively pursuing detailed “How To” articles. These can be found under the “Online” page. This internship allowed me to learn the true abilities and potential I had, quick to grasp initial elements of strategic planing, headline management and a rise in the strength of my article structuring and placement. I also attended multiple Work In Progress meetings and interactive in what SEO is.

I also interned at CollegeFashionista, a community of college students who are dedicated to prepare for their future aspirations and careers, through reporting the latest trends on campuses all over the world. Over the course of five months, I was a Style Guru at CollegeFashionista, provided with endless opportunities to learn and network for a career in this field. I produced my own articles per month on my own page, once they were published I would give them even more life, creating corresponding posts on all my social media handles, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These articles can be found in the “Articles” page, I will continue to write for them for the next coming months, so stay tuned!

Lifestyle and Fashion prevails the majority of my experience thus far as this is my main interest, however from my learning at RMIT I am well versed in many other areas also.

I am extremely organised and hard working person. I love to run and do yoga to keep my mind calm with the chaotic happenings in the world. I plan to start my own Fashion blog, and hope to move to the United States of America, where I can further pursue my ambitions in Fashion Journalism.

I can be contacted at anytime on the platforms provided in “Contact” pages.


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