5 Healthy Habits to Swear By

It seems the trend of walking around in exercise gear on a day-to-day basis is yet to fade away. Some say it’s a look women uphold to pretend they are doing exercise when they’re really not. But if this means ladies are feeling comfortable in their skin, then bring on the Lululemon leggings! Keeping fit and feeling good is hard because everyone has different healthy habits that work for them. This Fashionista not only rocks her matching workout clothing, but she also shows off five of her favorite ways to keep in shape.

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Doughnut Miss This New Social Media Trend

The doughnut craze seems to be drowning social media and the streets of our world.  Instagram posts, Snapchat snaps, tweets, and never-ending queues outside stores— doughnuts are taking over! Whether cinnamon jam, Nutella-filled, Oreo-glazed or covered in M&M’s, it seems people all over the world just can’t get enough of these epic creations.

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Better in Black

Every girl needs a little style advice every once in a while. This fun and uplifting article discusses how to style and accessorise an all black outfit.



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Adding is the Key

Dressing for a specific event can often be easier than for an everyday outfit. It can be challenging trying to find that medium between feeling comfortable and casual but also stylish and confident. Attention to detail is key in this article.


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