5 Reasons Why You Should Turn Vegan

The way of living which excludes all animal products from food is called vegan, for the benefit of human health, animals and the environment. The once-called trend has not died off, with veganism being a permanent and common dietary choice among society. Discussion pages, posts and endless documentaries continue to drown social media in the perpetual dietary choice. High-profiled celebrities such as Liam Hemsworth, Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Lopez, Lea Michelle and Ellen Degeneres are on board this way of life for the same reason, but more need to jump on board. Between 1971 and 2010, meat production tripled to 600 billion pounds per year. It’s time for the world to take a serious look at their diet, to reconsider doing without products derived from animals for a healthier lifestyle, and to save our planet and animals for a more financially friendly cost.

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Benefits Of Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Tall windows lines the facade of a home, allowing the important source of natural light to pour into the rooms of your home, while opening up the room up to your exterior.

Use tall windows as the artwork for your next interiors as they reveal the home’s open plan while giving you a picturesque view of what lies outside those closed blinds.

Such windows can help you to revive your interiors by using the view as your inspiration.

Tall windows allow for natural light to enter the room, the number one source of healthy living, for our mind, body and soul.

If you’re concerned about privacy, big windows don’t make it impossible.

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Wheel & Barrow’s Guide To Drinkware

Planning your next party? Then you better have all your drink ware up to scratch.

Wheel and Barrow have the perfect selection of stylish drink ware for every occasion.

From dining table glasses, to those more suited for the boardroom; they have a vast array of wine, beer, champagne, cocktail and everyday drinking glasses, as well as unbreakable child and pool friendly acrylic and polycarbonate options – and yes sometimes adults are in fact children.

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Apples & Oranges & How To Grow Them

The two most popular fruits to eat on the go- apples and oranges. So why not start growing them yourself?

Apples are a hardy and delicious fruit. With over 10,000 kinds of apples, you can choose from a wide range depending on what you like.

Apples can be used in so many ways, whether you like them fresh and crisp on the go, or turn them into a beautiful apple pie for dessert.

Apples grow best where it is cold. You don’t need a backyard to grow an apple tree, one can grow a dwarf apple tree (Pinkabelle and Ballerina apples) on their balcony, and can even be purchased bare-root or in a container.

The Pinkabelle dwarf apple tree produces full-sized Pink Lady apples on a compact tree of 2m high and 1m wide and can even grow in a large pot.

The dwarf apple trees still produce full-size fruit, but grow between half and two-thirds the size of normal apple trees. Therefore this will result in a tree around 2-4m as opposed to 6-8m for a normal tree in a backyard.

A container grown tree can be planted during the growing season, which is winter time. It must grow in a sunny spot, requiring around five to six hours of sunlight a day. They also need plenty of space and room to mature, so be sure your balcony allows space for this.

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Suburb Profile: Toorak

Melbourne’s Beverly Hills, the suburb of Toorak has a long reputation of being Melbourne’s most aspirational suburb. Considered the most prestigious in Australia, many are drawn to this location for its luxurious lifestyle, grand mansions and deluxe apartments.

Notably more expensive, Toorak’s open streets, proximity to parks, private schools and magnificent homes make it an irresistible and well established suburb.

Located approximately 5km South-East of Melbourne’s CBD, Toorak sits on the south side of the Yarra River, bordered by suburbs of South Yarra, Malvern, Armadale and Prahran.

The lushness of the arching trees in the picturesque streets of Toorak, protect the palatial mansions, luxury apartments, refined shopping strips, glamorous cafes, boutique stores, the social elite and the splendiferous estates.

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A Shopping Guide To Copper At Husk

It’s time to shop outside the box and start shopping for some unique items to spark up your home.

Husk have a range of unique items for copper home decor. Industrial metal, copper and bronze are this season’s superstar decor, so it’s time to incorporate some copper into your look.

These days, it is hard to imagine houses without a small amount of worship to copper! You can easily do it in small and elegant ways to add some copper accent to your living space!

Husk have some beautiful and small copper pieces to help you start off the obsession with this magnificent metal and jazz up your home in an industrial way.

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Tips To A Tidy Apartment

These days, in between work and picking children up from school, many of us struggle to keep our homes organised.

Whether you’re living in one bedroom apartment or a penthouse, it is always hard to control mess in your apartment, especially if it isn’t even yours.

Dedicate Time

Dedicate one day to get the house sorted for the coming week. A Sunday often works best to cook, vacuum, mop, clean, change the sheets, replace the towels, get all washing done and disinfect benches and surfaces before the mess begins to build up again. Unless you live by yourself, this should be a team effort, so get everyone helping one way or another.


Avoiding clutter in a small space is hard. When you move home you should always allocate things that won’t make it to the new home – either by recycling, throwing out, selling or donating to charity.

If you have realised that you have hoarded too much, it is never to late to sell, bin or give to charity.

Don’t be spontaneous in your purchasing

Are you one of those people that continually buy things you don’t need and can’t actually fit in your apartment? There is a trick to it, before you buy, make yourself earn it – make a rule that you cannot buy anything until you’ve thought about it for 4-5 days. Most purchases made are spur of the moment buys, where the purchaser doesn’t truly think about what they are purchasing.

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Apartment Garden

Turning a city balcony into an edible garden is a great way to add a splash of greenery to an urban life. Without requiring heaps of space or time, growing organic food on a small urban space is very rewarding and can be highly productive.  Just about anything that can be grown in a garden can be grown in a container on a balcony.


Setting up an edible balcony garden will require a bit of time and preparation depending on the design. Maintaining it does not require a lot of time; 5 to 10 minutes a day or every two days will go a long way.

Start small

Start by growing some easy edible plants, such as herbs, which don’t require much space and time. Herbs will complement any cooking and add flavour to your meals, while saving money on the grocery bill. Grow what you enjoy eating, start small, build confidence and expand your edible garden. Plant a mix of herbs, vegetables and edible flowers for a healthy garden.


Decide what to grow depending on the amount of sun your balcony receives. Three to six hours of sunlight a day is good enough for most of the leafy greens and root vegetables, whereas six hours or more of sunlight a day is perfect for vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchinis and eggplants.


As space on balconies is limited, plan your edible garden utilising all the elements you have available. Walls can be used to grow edible plants vertically, such as beans and peas, zucchinis and squash can be trained up. Vertical planters such as recycled pallets can be used to grow many herbs and salads. Railings are great to hang all sorts of planters, providing they are secured.

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