Be Wise with Oversize

This article features in CollegeFashionista, describing how to dress for the school break season.

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Five Ways To Ensure You Are Work-Ready

Sitting on the couch, flipping through the latest Vogue, and sipping on tea seems most pleasant for a lifetime ahead. But, there comes a point in life when reality sets in stone and things get oh-so-serious. September is a month of reflection and transition. Reflecting on the joys of summertime but pondering in thought about your career. Well, if you’re sitting there twiddling your thumbs and worried about how to tackle this next chapter of your life, here are five of the best ways to ensure you’re work-ready and be more than ready to apply, interview, and succeed with confidence!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Turn Vegan

The way of living which excludes all animal products from food is called vegan, for the benefit of human health, animals and the environment. The once-called trend has not died off, with veganism being a permanent and common dietary choice among society. Discussion pages, posts and endless documentaries continue to drown social media in the perpetual dietary choice. High-profiled celebrities such as Liam Hemsworth, Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Lopez, Lea Michelle and Ellen Degeneres are on board this way of life for the same reason, but more need to jump on board. Between 1971 and 2010, meat production tripled to 600 billion pounds per year. It’s time for the world to take a serious look at their diet, to reconsider doing without products derived from animals for a healthier lifestyle, and to save our planet and animals for a more financially friendly cost.

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A Bleached Black Runway Continues to Dominate

Aesthetic ideals of designers and creatives in the fashion industry continue to reflect a racial bias against coloured skin models. The lack of diversity in the modelling world continues to a be of concern and a barrier for black females trying to succeed in their fashion career. Over the past 20 years, the industry has only evolved from zero on the runway to just under a quarter of multicultural ethnic background female models.

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